Alcove Coffee Reopens Indoor Seating

The independent local neighborhood coffee shop, Alcove Coffeehouse, recently reopened their indoor seating area.

Alcove Coffee offers local roasts, espressos, smoothies, sandwiches and pastries. Enjoy a cozy family friendly environment with a beautiful view of Mountain Park’s own Lake Lucerne.

Alcove Coffeehouse Conquers the Pandemic

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on small businesses, as most have had to shut down for nearly a year. Alcove is no exception as the local coffee house was close to going out of business.  Luckily, the Mountain Park community rallied together in a campaign launched by a social media post to Facebook to save the local business from closing its doors for good.

The view of Lake Lucerne from Alcove Coffehouse's cafe seating
The view of Lake Lucerne from Alcove Coffehouse’s cafe seating


Indoor Cafe Seating Re-Opens

Alcove Coffee survived the struggles of the pandemic.  Now, with the widespread dissemination of the Coronavirus vaccine and the easing up of social distancing guidelines, Alcove Coffee has been able to reopen their indoor seating area, once again becoming the perfect stop for anyone looking for a cozy local coffee shop experience. 

Alcove Coffee is located in the Mountain Park area, right at the intersection of Hwy 78 and Lake Lucerne Rd.

Address: 4615 Stone Mountain Hwy, Lilburn, Georgia 30047

Hours: Monday-Friday 11am to 6pm. Saturday 11am to 5pm. 


Lakeside seating for visitors to Alcove Coffeehouse
Lakeside seating for visitors to Alcove Coffeehouse


Upcoming Renovations

Not only is Alcove Coffee recovering from the challenges of last year, but they are looking into the future with bright new ideas.

The cafe’s owner was a former architect designer and drew her inspiration for the design of Alcove Coffeehouse from European style cafes.

She says, “I would be designing other restaurants, sitting at my computer on using AutoCad, and in the back of my mind I always wanted to have my own. I would have a bunch of stored knowledge, contacts, and knowledge of what equipment I would need, so when I was designing other restaurants it was like I was designing my own.”

The owner anticipates new renovations to come soon, including more outdoor seating closer to the lake. 

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