Groundhog Day – The Predictions Are In

Groundhog Day Traditions

On February 2nd each year, the eagerly nation watches a couple famous groundhogs for a legendary prediction of the upcoming weather forecast based on their response, or lack of response, to seeing their shadow upon emerging form their burrow.

Celebrated by many every year, the 2021 ceremony for the groundhogs looked a bit different because of COVID-19, however, the tradition continued, nonetheless.

Due to the pandemic, the weather-predicting rodent had to check for his shadow during a private ceremony…

Primarily known across the country is Punxsutawney Phil.  He lives in Pennsylvania, and is the central figure of Groundhog Day each year.

Well known and loved especially in the local Georgia community is groundhog General Beauregard Lee.

Gen. Beauregard Lee Moves Away From Mountain Park

Formerly a longstanding member of the local community, living just on the edge of Mountain Park in Gwinnett County at the Yellow River Game Ranch, General Beauregard Lee was forced to move to a new home when the  Game Ranch suddenly closed in 2017.

General Lee now resides happily in Jackson, GA, at the Dauset Trails Nature Center.  From this new home, he continues his annual tradition of coming out for Groundhog Day and giving his prediction of our upcoming weather.

He was moved to Dauset Trails Nature Center in Jackson, Georgia, to carry his duty of predicting an early spring — or declaring a longer winter.
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Groundhogs Disagree on Upcoming Forecast in 2021

This year, the two groundhogs had differing views of the impending weather.

In Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and ran back inside, which is said to indicate another six weeks of winter ahead.

In contrast, Georgia resident General Beauregard Lee had no issue with his shadow today and therefore predicted an early arrival of spring.

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