Community Calls for Help to Save Alcove Coffee Shop from Closing

It was recently shared on Facebook that Alcove Coffee is struggling to stay in business after the challenges of 2020.

“Alcove Coffee is barely hanging on… I actually thought they had closed but noticed the open sign today ( new hours are 11-5)! The barista said they are barely hanging on and she was even working some shifts for free… skip the Starbucks and support a small and local if you can”

Local community members call friends and neighbors to show their support for Alcove Coffeehouse.

It is unknown who originally made the post concerning Alcove Coffee’s struggles, but the post has been screenshot and shared by over 50 local community members in various Facebook groups and on personal profiles to their friends.

Facebook post expressing concern for Alcove Coffee being shared throughout the community

About Alcove Coffee

Alcove Coffee is located in the Mountain Park area, right at the intersection of Hwy 78 and Lake Lucerne Rd.

Address: 4615 Stone Mountain Hwy, Lilburn, Georgia 30047

The coffee house rests on the edge of Lake Lucerne, giving customers a stunning view as they enjoy their coffee from the open deck outside or through the large windows inside the shop’s seating area.

Local community members enjoy their coffee and pastries at Alcove Coffee.

Hardship Strikes Alcove Coffee

Like many businesses in the community, Alcove Coffee has been facing many challenges this year.  The pandemic has brought many obstacles with new sanitation and social distancing requirements, quarantine periods for anyone exposed to COVID-19, increased numbers of people staying home, and so on. On top of this, Alcove Coffee reported on their Facebook account in November that the owner’s mother had passed away.

It seems these circumstances have almost taken the local coffee house under.

New Coffee Shop Hours

Due to the difficult circumstances facing Alcove Coffee, they have recently updated their hours to reduced times.  New store hours are 11am to 5pm Monday through Thursday, 11am to 4pm on Friday and Saturdays, and closed Sunday.

Monday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Tuesday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Wednesday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Thursday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Friday: 11:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am – 4:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Community Calls for Increased Support of Alcove Coffee

While Alcove Coffee fights to hang on, its loyal customers have taken to calling to the community to share their love and support for the small business.  Their recommendations are full of nothing but praise for the coffee shop’s products, services, and unique refreshing atmosphere.

Photo Caption: “Local friends!!! This has been one of my favorite places for years. If you can support a local coffee shop, this is a great one to choose!!! Link below to their facebook page. They are on 78 and easy to find. They have BEAUTIFUL outdoor seating available and curbside pick up! Shared from a friends’s group.”

My friend used to work there years ago and its just so different you can really tell that they care about their craft there – Liv C.


I love that place! I always went there when I visited my parents and needed to get some coffee and work done. I hope they can hang on. – Jon R.


My son’s former classmate’s gparents own and run this establishment. Starbucks kicks rocks next to its ambiance, charm, coziness, and coffee. – Denise W.

Numerous shares and comments about the coffeehouse bought forth an outpouring of community members expressing their fond memories at the coffee shop and their praise for its quality coffee, service, and atmosphere.

Alcove Coffee House Recognized for Valuable Presence in Community

Alcove Coffee is ranked #1 for Coffee & Tea in Lilburn on Trip Advisor. (information pulled on 12/17/2020)

When you step inside this place, there is a feeling of calmness. From the art work on the wall to the view of the lake….the vibe here is inspiring! This is a place you can go to meet friends, conjure up ideas about your next project or just relax and take in the scenery. Service was great too!

Almost forgot…..the drink I ordered (a cocoa) was delicious!

I will definitely go back!

(Customer Review on TripAdvisor) comments on Alcove Coffee’s unique presence in the local community: “As the only specialty coffee shop in Lilburn, GA, Alcove Coffeehouse is a retreat in the suburbs located on the edge of the beautiful Lake Lucerne.”

Coffee and pastries served at Alcove Coffeehouse

Alcove Coffee Menu

Alcove Coffee offers a wide variety of beverages and food choices on their menu.

They proudly serve local roasts for their coffee and espresso beverages.  Other drinks on their menu include a variety of teas and smoothies.

Their food selection includes a number of tasty pastries, and also extends to include sandwiches and salads, providing options for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks.

Alcove Coffee is not currently available through any food delivery services at this time, but they have a page for ordering online, with options of curbside or inside pickup. You can place your order online here:

Select Menu Items Include

  • Cappuccino
  • Iced Coffee
  • Matcha Latte
  • Chai Latte
  • London Fog
  • Italian Soda
  • Mocha Frappe (peppermint optional)
  • Mango Mint Smoothie
  • Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie
  • House Salad
  • BLT Sandwich
  • Turkey Avocado Sandwich
  • Mozzarella Panini

Follow Alcove Coffee & Get In Touch to Place Your Order

The outcry on social media to support Alcove Coffee shows that Mountain Park would not be the same without this small business.  Follow Alcove Coffee on social media and order your coffee through the links below.

Alcove Coffee Website:

Alcove Coffee Facebook:

Alcove Coffee Instagram:

Alcove Coffee Online Ordering:

Alcove Coffee Phone: 770-979-3030

Alcove Coffee Address: 4615 Stone Mountain Hwy, Lilburn, GA 30047

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