Mountain Park Weather Forecast Shows Freezing Temperatures

The weather in Mountain Park is taking a wintery dive this week.  Temperatures are dropping down to and below freezing throughout the week, and they are expected to stay that way well into next week.

Mountain Park Two Week Forecast

Weather forecast taken from on 12/03/2020

Stay Warm

Be sure to bundle up when you go out, and keep your favorite blanket or pair of socks at hand for overnight at your home.  Now is also a great time for hot chocolate or cider by a warm fire in the evenings.

If you're looking for where to find firewood to keep warm, Lilburn Landscape is delivering and stacking firewood to homes in Mountain Park.  Porter Deal is a Mountain Park resident and the proprietor of Lilburn Landscape Company.  You can contact him at 404-422-6583 or visit to request your firewood.

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